Tomato Trial

Efficacy Trial Evaluation of Spray-N-Grow® with Micronutrients on Yields and Quality of a Hydroponic Greenhouse Tomato Crop

Dr. Lynette Morgan PhD & Simon Lennard M.Hort. Sci.
SUNTEC International Hydroponic Consultants

Plants treated with Spray-N-Grow® Micronutrients produced:

  • 19% higher yield by weight
  • 9% more fruit
  • Larger fruit by size
  • Earlier fruit set
  • Stronger, noticeably thicker stem
  • 8.6% higher brix
  • No signs of softening tissue or browning
  • Sweeter taste, according to 76% of 30 member taste panel
Comments by Dr. Morgan:
"It appears that Spray-N-Grow® Micronutrient Complex affects many plant processes, which in turn influence fruit yield and quality. Spray-N-Grow was shown in this trial to be effective in increasing hydroponic tomato fruit yields and quality."