Hydroponic Lettuce

Effect of Spray-N-Grow Foliar Micronutrient
Complex on the Growth, Yield and Quality of a Hydroponic Butterhead Lettuce Crop

Dr. Lynette Morgan PhD & Simon Lennard M.Hort.Sc.
SUNTEC International Hydroponic Consultants
New Zealand

Research Findings:
  • Spray-N-Grow increased yield by weight 121.0%
  • Spray-N-Grow increased average head weight 51.7%
  • Spray-N-Grow increased marketable heads 30.0%
  • Spray-N-Grow treated crop had earlier crop establishment and earlier head development
  • Spray-N-Grow treated heads were of better marketable quality after 10 day storage period
Comments by Dr. Morgan:
"Foliar fertilization with Spray-N-Grow can result in not only more rapid plant establishment and earlier growth with greater final head weight (yield) and improved shelf life – an important consideration for any commercial hydroponic producer."