In 1982, our founder Bill Muskopf, a chemist and avid gardener, developed a micronutrient product he named Spray-N-Grow. He and his wife Ethel founded their company and sold their first bottle of Spray-N-Grow one year later. In 1994, Bill developed his own natural fertilizer, called Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer (6-11-5) for prolific blooming. He created Coco-Wet Organic Wetting Agent in 1995, which can be used with all nutrients.

Our initial customer was the traditional backyard gardener. Amish farmers started using Spray-N-Grow on their crops after successfully using it in their gardens. We formally started our Agriculture division in 1989 and introduced a gallon size of Spray-N-Grow.

About the same time, Spray-N-Grow became the original foliar feed in hydroponics. Mohsen Daha, Foothill Hydroponics, ordered Spray-N-Grow to sell in his hydroponic store. We created our first case of Spray-N-Grow 8 oz. bottles to fill our first hydroponic order.

To earn the trust of hydroponic growers, Bill knew that independent scientific research on his products would be required. As a chemist, Bill only wanted to work with true scientists. In 20 years of extensive research in soil, he partnered with a horticulture professor at Texas A&M University, ministries of agriculture, and independent researchers.

For hydroponic research, he collaborated with Dr. Lynette Morgan, a world-renowned authority on foliar feeding in hydroponics. Dr. Morgan conducted research on the effect of Spray-N-Grow on hydroponic tomatoes, snow peas, lettuce, and strawberries. Read about her research below.

Spray-N-Grow products are distributed through Hydrofarm, Hydroponic City, Healthy Harvest, and other distributors and are available in hydroponic stores and online nationwide.

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