Make It Stick with Coco-Wet® Wetting Agent

Founder Bill Muskopf, an avid gardener and chemist, created Coco-Wet® Wetting Agent to make water wetter.

Seriously. His exact words.

Bill wanted growers to get the most from his signature nutrients. By breaking the surface tension of a water droplet, Coco Wet® Wetting Agent makes liquid droplets stick together- preventing run-off and wasted product. Less run off means more absorption and that means better results from any nutrient product.

Let Coco-Wet® Wetting Agent turbo charge your hydro nutrients:
  • Maximize product absorption
  • Improve efficacy of all foliar nutrients
  • Nonionic, compatible with all nutrients
  • Lower surface tension of water on leaves
  • Also effective in root drench applications

Organic Wetting Agent

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