Turbo Charge Nutrient Foliar Sprays with Coco-Wet Wetting Agent

Bill Muskopf, a chemist and our company founder, created Coco-Wet to make water wetter.

Seriously. His exact words. Because Spray-N-Grow Micronutrients and Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer are foliar feeds, Bill wanted them to be on the leaves as long as possible to increase their absorption. Kind of like turbo charging his signature nutrients. In-the-know growers also use Coco-Wet with nutrient solutions.

Let Coco-Wet Wetting Agent turbo charge your hydro nutrients:
  • Maximize product absorption
  • Improve efficacy of all foliar nutrients
  • Lower surface tension on leaves
  • Effective in root drench applications
  • Nonionic, compatible with all nutrients

Organic Wetting Agent

Proven Research

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Spray-N-Grow Scientific Research

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