Are your plants missing something?
Micronutrients? Bloom boosting nutrients? Absorption?
Spray-N-Grow’s original foliar feeds deliver what’s missing from hydroponic solutions.
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Give your plants every micro they crave – all 17.
They’ll give you more, larger flowers.
It’s a Win, Win.

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Bill's Perfect Fertilizer

Bloom is the time plants are hungry for extra food.
Bill’s serves a gourmet meal plants love.
You’ll love the extra blooms and flowers.

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It’s the go-to, make-it-work wetting agent.
In the tank, with foliar nutrients, for all your plants.
Requested by name by in-the-know hydro growers.

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Foliar Feeds: Why foliar feed?

It’s up to 20 times more efficient than root feeding.

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Proof. Not Promises.

Yield Increase. Earlier Flower Set. Larger Flowers. Higher Quality.

Check out our scientific research trials by Dr. Lynette Morgan

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