Hydroponic Tomatoes

Effect of Spray-N-Grow Foliar Micronutrient
Complex on the Yield and Quality of Hydroponic
Greenhouse Tomato Crops

Dr. Lynette Morgan PhD & Simon Lennard M.Hort.Sc.
SUNTEC International Hydroponic Consultants
New Zealand



  •  Spray-N-Grow increased yield 16.8%
  •  Spray-N-Grow increased shelf life by six days or 27%
  •  Spray-N-Grow fruit was larger
  •  Spray-N-Grow plants had fruit set 3-4 days before control
  •  Spray-N-Grow plants were stronger and had a noticeably thicker stem diameter
  •  Spray-N-Grow plants produced a significantly higher number of fruit in the desirable size grades of 80-180 grams
  •  Spray-N-Grow increased brix 8.1%
  •  Spray-N-Grow tomatoes did not experience softening tissue, and end of shelf period was determined by “water loss” whereas untreated fruit often developed soft brown areas and overall softening
  •  Taste panel (30 members) …76% claimed the Spray-N-Grow tomatoes tasted sweeter than the control

Comments by Dr. Morgan:
“It appears that Spray-N-Grow affects many plant processes, which in turn influence fruit yield and quality.”
“Foliar fertilization with Spray-N-Grow can result in not only improved fruit quality, but also yields within the same crop – an important conclusion for any commercial hydroponics grower.”