About Us

We are a family-owned and operated manufacturer of all-natural plant nutrients. Our company was established as a mail order gardening company in 1982 in Houston, Texas. We started with our signature product, Spray-N-Grow.

As the company grew, we added two additional products that compliments Spray-N-Grow. Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer is a natural liquid foliar fertilizer that is high in phosphorous (6-11-5) for prolific blooming. We also manufacture Coco-Wet, our nonionic, organic wetting agent.

Although we started as a traditional gardening company, in 1989, we began selling Spray-N-Grow to hydroponic growers in retail stores. The product was so successful in soil-less growing that we began conducting hydroponic greenhouse research in 2000 and have completed many trials since.

Spray-N-Grow products are available in hydroponic stores nationwide.

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Spray-N-Grow, Inc.
20 Hwy 35 S
Rockport, TX 78382